Decorated Dumpsters

by Annie

Definitely loving these wallpapered dumpsters that have begun cropping up here in Rome. What better a way to put smiles on people’s faces than turning something that is so ugly you no longer even notice it (denial is a powerful coping mechanism) into an object of beauty.

Finley, a US artist who works in Rome and New York, has been decorating dumpsters for a while now and plans quite a few more. It seems some Bloomberg administration art commission in New York has contacted her to do similar work on an official level. Food for thougth. Makes you wonder whether an Alemanno administration would ever take up the challenge. We hope so!

finley1Running into one of these the morning they make their “society debut” will undoubtedly trigger many different thoughts depending on who we are. But the one that will most likely go through everyone’s head is “That’s cool”, regardless what language you might think it in.


(More wallpapered dumpsters on Finley’s blog,

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