August 6 2015 / Places

Ortigia, Sicily: Syracuse’s Island

Isola di Ortigia, Sicilia

Driving away from Trapani under a cloudless late spring sky, my rental Cinquecento and I began our four hour drive

June 23 2015 / Places


Portoferraio, Tuscany

History has no shortage of towns being named after their founders… Alexandria in Egypt, Constantinople, Washington, etc. There’s another one

June 8 2015 / Places

Lipari: Among the Volcanos

Lipari, Sicilia

Nestled amongst the Aeolian Islands, Lipari is the largest island of this volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of

February 4 2015 / Places

Beach Hopping in Sardinia


(Be sure to check out Lenora’s Italy Retreat for Women To Live La Dolce Vita in September..) First snows of

October 30 2014 / Places

The Windy Isles

Lipari, Sicily

Have you got some holiday leave left over? Because it is still summer here and now is the time to come

October 21 2014 / Places

A Photo Tour of Elba

Isola d'Elba, Tuscany

The island of Elba, positioned about 20kms off the Tuscan coast, is easily accessible by ferry from Piombino, south of

October 9 2014 / Places

Ventotene Checklist

Ventotene, Lazio

Before you leave for a few days on paradiso, aka the island of Ventotene, you’ll probably want to jot down a

May 30 2014 / Places

VideoNote: Windy Walk at Punta Falcone

Salivoli, Tuscany

THIS IS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW Dear friends, building on the success of the most recent VideoNote, “Pedalling

July 13 2010 / Local Interest

Burano Reflections

Burano, Veneto

Burano, located just 30 minutes by vaporetto (water bus) from the Fondamenta Nuove stop in Venice, is a delightful island

January 21 2009 / Places

“Il” Vulcano


If the mere thought of making the grueling night climb up the steep slopes of an active Sicilian volcano like

December 10 2008 / Places

The Island Cemetery

San Michele, Venice

Venice’s cemetery is, fittingly enough, an island. It seems odd as a tourist destination, but if time allows, a visit

December 9 2008 / Places

Salina: Aeolian Gem


Salina, one of the seven volcanic Aeolian islands off the north coast of Sicily, may be familiar to film buffs

November 7 2008 / Places

Small Island, Big History

Lago Bolsena

The Isola Bisentina which sits in the middle of the crater (now lake Bolsena) of this ancient volcano gets its