May 14 2009 / Local Interest

Old World Bookshop


It is encouraging to find a bookshop that has survived the trinket establishments in this tourist challenged city. The Old

March 23 2009 / Events

Venetian Masks


Even though Carnevale is long gone by this point, the pageantry and magic of that celebration linger year round. Many

February 18 2009 / Food & Wine

The Rialto Fish Market


The Rialto food market right by the bridge of the same name has always been the heart of commerce in

January 20 2009 / Food & Wine

Baccala’ alla Vicentina


A fitting recipe for today… it appears that shortly-to-be-sworn-in President Barak Obama ate baccala’ alla Vicentina con polenta on New

December 10 2008 / Places

The Island Cemetery

San Michele, Venice

Venice’s cemetery is, fittingly enough, an island. It seems odd as a tourist destination, but if time allows, a visit

November 26 2008 / Local Interest

The Selciari: Paquale and Alfredo


In this small Umbrian village to the north of Rome looking out over the Tiber river, there is a fine

July 16 2008 / Local Interest

Mask Maker Bottega Mondonovo


Mondonovo is a small workshop near the Accademia. Mask shops are ubiquitous in Venice due to the wide-spread use of

June 27 2008 / Places

The Annual Regata

San Erasmo, Veneto

San Erasmo is considered the “poor relation”, one of the forgotten Venetian Islands (of which there are many). In reality,

June 19 2008 / Local Interest



It isn’t easy to find (nothing is in Venice), but it’s worth the effort! After receiving conflicting directions from several

June 12 2008 / Local Interest

The Squero of San Trovaso


That the gondola is Venice’s most important watercraft is a given . . . there cannot be one without the

May 19 2008 / Places

San Giovenale in Narni


The Umbrian hill town of Narni is a perfect example of a medieval stone city, graced with towers and churches

February 27 2008 / Local Interest

Venetian Chimneys


A distinct architectural characteristic of Venice is found in its chimneys. Try walking around Venice with your nose in the

February 6 2008 / Food & Wine

A Story of Success


Conco is a pretty village in the Venetian alps: Hemmingway spent time nearby during WW1. Both world wars brought great

January 16 2008 / Local Interest

Venetian Glass (Windows?)


Step off the train and board a vaporetto (water bus), and Venice overwhelms you immediately: the soft, radiant colors, the

December 5 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Buzzi’s “City”


It isn’t easy to describe Scarzuola. It’s a garden. But it’s also a 13th century Franciscan monastery. Then again you

November 27 2007 / Events

Chestnut Festival


All over Italy local festivities or sagre are held to celebrate harvests, saints, or special foods. Umbria has its fair

November 13 2007 / Food & Wine

More Than Just Olive Picking


There are some rituals in Italy which are timeless, and have remained virtually unchanged throughout the centuries. Olive picking is

November 8 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Otriculum-Ruins in the Fields


It will come as a surprise to those used to perfectly organized archaeological sites that provide guidebooks and postcards, explanatory