It’s All About the Cookies

September 11, 2009 / Food & Wine
Mombaruzzo, Piemonte

Think Amaretti. What comes to mind? Crispy wafers wrapped in wax paper from Saronno?

Think again. In Piemonte, we wrap them in wax paper just like in Tuscany, but the cookie inside is completely different. You will find a soft pillow of almond and apricot flavored macaroon which has been prepared the same way for generations.

mombaruzzo2In Mombaruzzo, known as the Amaretti town of the Monferrato, there are almost more producers than residents. Once a year they gather for a festival celebrating the village’s prized product. The police parade, and people come from all over the region to taste what they already know to be a delectable treat. Amaretti di Mombaruzzo are also available with hazelnuts or chocolate bits added, but the classic recipe only contains four ingredients: eggs, sugar, finely ground almonds and apricot kernel extract.

Buon appetito da Mombaruzzo!


by Diana Baur

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14 Responses to “It’s All About the Cookies”

  1. Angelina Limato

    So unfair!! Just kidding, well….maybe not….tempt us with such a delight but don’t tell us how to get any…short of airfare. I get Italian products, from the true Italians, Italy whenever I can find it and afford it. I believe in supporting my heritage and the well…you can’t go wrong with the best food there is. A little piece of heaven on earth. San Marzano tomaotes, wonderful and make a great gravy or for the others sauce. My Nonna called it gravy and I know I have read the blogs…great controversy on which to call it. A rose by any other name is still a rose. I’ve had amaretti but not this particular kind and would love to try them. Might have to do some research…thanks for the article. Love to find new things and learn stuff..Angelina

  2. Oh my goodness, how can you not love a place that takes a day to celebrate a cookie!

  3. Julie Morabit

    Great article. How can we order some…are they available in the U.S.? I would love one right now!!

  4. Camille Gallo on June 16,2008 at 5:15 pm

    I would love to be able to order some of these cookies is there a way to order them?

  5. I had some of the cookies sent to me by my cousins in Italy. They are truly delectable! Like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I am dying for the recipe. I have contacted the company in Italy to ask if there are any stores in Canada that carry the cookie. don’t think there are. Might have to keep getting them sent over.


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