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July 15, 2014 / Local Interest
Piombino, Tuscany

Dear friends,

About a year ago, we published the following note about Cristina and Maurizio and their coffee bags. Many of you responded positively, asking whether it was possible to buy samples of their work. At the time we weren’t set up for it, but it got us thinking… what if you could?

Fast forward a year and some elbow grease, and we’re republishing that very same note, except this time clicking on any of the images will take you to our new ItalianNotebook-owned online store!

In an age where so may products are anonymous, we feel it is important to know the where, why and hows of interesting, high quality, hand-Made in Italy products… as well as meeting the “who” behind them. Hence the name… Italian Connections.

Please welcome our new arrival,, and enjoy the browsing.

At various seasonal festivals here in Campiglia Marittima a new market stall has appeared brimming over with handmade Italian “bags”!


Well made on the spot by Maurizio and Cristina from Piombino, the various sized bags have robust straps, strong fasteners, easy open velcro or zippers, etc and are also light weight. Why mention them on ItalianNotebook?

foto lavoro

Well, they are all made from the recycled heavy duty plastic of the large packs of Italian coffee that local cafés use to restock for our cappuccini and espressi. They’re planet friendly and what’s best… they still retain the sweet aroma of Italian coffee!

Maurizio and Cristina formed their company, Kafe, as they were interested in environmental problems and hand crafting useful yet beautiful objects. Each bag is unique, handmade, useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Great idea… bravi!

Click on any of the images or simply visit to see (possibly buy?) Cristina and Maurizio’s work.
For shipping reasons (see product details), all items available for sale until July 22nd. USA shipments only. If you live elsewhere, please contact us via either website.



Pat Carney

by Pat Carney

Pat Carney-Ceccarelli ( happily divides her time between Campiglia Marittima and Cambridge, UK.

30 Responses to “Coffee Aromas Recycled..”

  1. Is it possible to purchase the Kafe bags in the US? I can’t find it online.

  2. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    What a great idea and start of a new business in Italy! (much needed) I hope they show the world what they have to offer. I will be among the first to purchase. If not It will be a fun trip to go and get a few. Thank you

  3. Kathleen Avalone

    I love these bags. I am a recycle-nut and an environmentalist. Where can I get one?

  4. Well I was lucky enough to get one of these bags for Christmas!-) And it’s lasting very well! (Sorry – to show off!)Smells good too!

  5. Kathleen Avalone

    Would be very interested in having one shipped to US

  6. Connie

    Well, like everyone else i LOVE these bags!! everything about them is great and a great idea…..and like everyone else wonder how/where i might get their products!!?? i do travel to rome so perhaps they ship to a vendor there??? would love to hear back!!

  7. Marilyn Canna

    I’d love to buy and ship to the U.S. E possibile?

  8. Sandi Spector

    I am in Italy now. Where are they sold? Quanta costa?
    Please!!! Reply soon
    Sandi S

  9. Pat Carney Ceccarelli
    Pat Carney Ceccarelli

    The truth is I found these in a market in Campiglia and was thrilled to get all my shopping done AND feel good about it. I use my large one for carry on luggage and it is light and rainproof. I am not advertising just finally a happy shopper! Regards to all from Pat

  10. lewis murray

    g.b….nice idea…let me know where to get these here in bell’italia….send an e mail or give alexia a ring, thanks and regards to all the family. lewis

  11. ACroce

    I would love to buy some for friends and myself. Please let me know where I can buy them.

  12. Nina Sgriccia

    What a great souvenier this would make. We will be in the Lucca area this fall. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these at the markets we visit.

  13. Bravi, Buon idea! Divertiamocene!! :)
    Ciao a tutti, grazie Pat,

  14. maria semprini-demartino

    Hi, can they be shipped to NY? anyone who gets the info please post.would be grateful.grazie Maria Semprini-DeMartino Hauppauge NY

  15. Robert

    I would love to purchase these. Does the company have a website for ordering? Please let me know. Thanks and God Bless.

  16. Pat Carney Ceccarelli
    Pat Carney Ceccarelli

    Here we go! Congratulations to GB our Italian Notebook editor for persevering and sponsoring these wonderful bags and bringing Italy so close to us!

  17. Jayne Austin

    Fabulous bags. I live in Scotland and drink nothing but Lavazzo coffee. Would love to purchase one. Do you ship to Scotland? Jayne x

  18. Maria DiBlasi

    Thank you for all your articles, but especially for reprinting this story and including the information on how to purchase these beautiful unique recycled handbags. I just ordered two and I can’t wait for them to arrive! I can smell the coffee already:)

  19. Great idea, GB!! And I love that your first product has the aroma of coffee and is environmentally friendly!! Bravi

  20. Eufemia

    I just/finally read the article on this genius venture (Coffee Aromas Recycled) and so I quickly went to the site. HOWEVER, when I click on the link or a picture in the article I get to the HOME of the site, but when clicking on PRODUCTS (or even searching) I get the screen that says “no products found matching your selection” — and I haven’t even seen/selected products.


    Grazie :)

  21. Sandi spector

    Any idea when products will be listed?
    p.s. – Don’t put website address in until there is something to see.. it’s frustrating & no one wants, or will remember the url, to go back & keep checking.


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