The “Beautiful Era” in Rome

November 12, 2009 / Places
Rome, Lazio
giolitti1Sunday is a good day to catch up on your reading or chat with that buddy you were too busy to see during the week. They are the sorts of things you want to do in a café with style. No need to hop on the plane to Paris (that frivolous city), the Belle Epoque is also in Rome.

giolitti2Within walking distance from the magnificent godly monument, the Pantheon, Caffé Giolitti offers up its simple brown-backed seats hidden among its own jade and rose colored marble tables. Under gorgeous turn of the century chandeliers you can enjoy champagne-flavored ice cream or one inspired by After Eight mints.

Even sipping your favorite aperitivo drink or a Marocchino (an espresso with frothy milk and powdered sugar) feels beautiful if you choose a spot in the corner under the side arcade. Tranquility and elegance…molto chic!


by Alejandra Fabris

— Contributed by Alejandra Fabris, writer, American University of Rome Senior, Italian Notebook Editorial Intern.

4 Responses to “The “Beautiful Era” in Rome”

  1. Evanne Brandon Diner

    All over Italy, the cost of coffee drinks and pastry are a delicious bargain, compared to the price of a simple coffee in the U.S. Si, certo,and grazie, Alejandra. It’s time to return to Roma!

  2. Frank Scaramella

    Ho tanto desiderio di ritornare a Roma,pur sapendo che non succedera’ subito Son felice pero’ di sognare una lunga visita al Caffe’ Giolitti, unico al Mondo.


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