Dozza’s Frescoes

April 2, 2009 / Places
dozza1If you ever make the drive down the lovely (and very historic) Via Emilia, which runs straight as an arrow through some of Emilia Romagna’s largest cities, there is a lovely detour on the way from Bologna to Imola.

The detour is a tiny town called Dozza, and it sits atop the Colli Imolesi (Imolesi Hills), famous for their wine production. However, the true allure of the city are its incredibly frescoed building facades, products of a biennial festival, in which artists fly in all over the world, to decorate homes, churches and municipal buildings with lovely imagery.

dozza2The festival started in the 1960’s and is still going strong. Since the town is so minuscule nearly every possible surface has been covered with an artist’s rendering. My favorite murals are attributed to Japanese artists and the juxtaposition of their highly stylized representations of their native land, set against the backdrop of the rolling Emilian hills… truly magical.

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  1. Back to back days of why this is the best publication about all things Italian out there! The April Fools was so cleverly written. Bringing us another little known stop like Dozza to plan for on our next real or imaginary trip to Italy is priceless.

  2. alfred castelluccio

    i am sooooo happy to find this site, it makes my day every day. i’m an artist and one day hope to visit dozza’s frescoes. bravo!!!! alfred

  3. This is a perfect example of the secret, special places in Italy that I just love reading about here.

  4. We need to let our Italian/travel connections know about this site so they become advertisors. We are certainly an eager captive market, aren’t we!!!

  5. I’ve just added Dozza to my itinerary for September in Italy. Thanks for the new discovery!


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