Babington’s: The Most Non-Roman Roman Institution

October 2, 2008 / Food & Wine
Rome is renowned for having un bar (a café) at every corner, but l’eccezzione fá la regola, (the exception makes/confirms the rule). That exception is Babington’s Tea Rooms, a throwback to the glory days of the Grand Tour if there ever was one.

Established over 100 years ago by two English ladies as a home away from home for the Empire’s young aristocrats, Classicists, and intellectuals of the era, Babington’s still boasts a quintessential 19th century Victorian English decor, complete with wooden flooring, flowery curtains, frilly table ware, and mirrors everywhere. With Babington’s on one side and the Keats Shelley house on the other, it is strange that the famous Steps are said to be Spanish and not British!

Sure enough Babington’s offers an amazing choice of fine teas, but the real reason to go and spend an exhorbitant amount on old-school charm is the incredible selection of high-quality and simply mouth-watering home-made British puddings, cakes, scones, biscuits, jams, custards, and clotted creams that will make any visit worth its while.

Babington’s, a fun exception for the occasional confirmation of the café-on-every-corner rule . .

by Lisa Meyer

Club Organizer, International Woman of Mystery (and an R.N. just in case)

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